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Awesome Products

Meeting the makers behind the creation of the food products we consume is one of the highlights of any food show. It always a pleasure to meet the person behind the product and hear the story of their brand. A wildly fun couple, Kyle Domer and Andrea Dermos introduced me…More

Artisan Purveyors

Many would be upset waiting with the 30,000 plus attendees that eagerly lined the Anaheim Convention entrances Friday to view the latest and greatest all natural food offerings from across the USA and the Globe at this year’s Natural Products Expo West. I was ecstatic. The crowd solidified the fact…More

Awesome Products

Sonoma Syrup Co., a maker of all natural classic American Infused Simple Syrups and Artisan Extracts launched a new line of alcohol free extracts: Vanilla and Vanilla Bean “Crush.” and they are changing the reason people long for Shortbread. Due to high consumer demand for healthier non-alcohol food products,…More

Awesome Products

Anna Hindley faced a quandary that nobody, it seemed, could solve. She didn’t want to become known as “Mommy no-snack’ while at the same time she was concerned about what her son was snacking on. “I wanted my son to enjoy a snack but I also wanted it to be…More

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