SPD Market’s Chicken Pot Pie is Gold Country favorite


I love to hunt. However, small birds, large game and everything in-between are safe. I

Baker Jessica Tremewan creates perfect Chicken Pot Pies daily at SPD's Grass Valley, Ca. store.
Baker Jessica Tremewan creates perfect Chicken Pot Pies daily at SPD’s Grass Valley, Ca. store.

own a Daisy Air Rifle that CHP Officer Jim Cahill gave me when we lived in Sonoma. To clarify, it was not CHP issue.

My hunting passion focuses on Artisan Purveyor products – the difficult to find kind. I honed my skills early on. They matured on New York, and eventually became a career.

Just the other evening, in-the-midst of a torrential Sierra Foothill downpour Kranston and I stopped at SPD Market in Grass Valley, Ca. Since moving north from Sonoma, two years ago, we have become SPD regulars, at either the Grass Valley or Nevada City store. For a hunter, such as myself I always find something I wasn’t necessarily looking for, but might be the next time.

On this particular evening the freshly on location crafted, just out of the oven-baked Chicken Pot Pie melted on my tongue and teased my palate as soon as it crossed my sight. What could be better on a fairly flooded February Foothill evening than a freshly baked full-size nine-inch Chicken Pot Pie?

Someone to share it with. Had that covered. Previous hunting venture. Back to the pie.

One of the best I’ve had. Kranston agrees. The crust – perfect. Flaky, with an outer ridge was baked perfectly enough to be called a crust.  The filling, packed with flavor, fresh vegetables and chunks of chicken, was pleasantly

In the spirit of full disclosure – with the exception of one piece quickly split and consumed promptly at noon the next day for lunch, Kranston and I enjoyed the entire pie.

Although new to me, the SPD recipe has been a Gold Country standard for about 15 years.

Jessica Tremewan has been creating the famed pie for since she made one for dinner one day. “When I was working in the Nevada City store years ago, I decided to make a pie for dinner. It turned out it was so good we decided to make them daily. They’ve been a hit ever since, said Tremewan. The recipe and ingredients are an “SPD secret”, and even though Tremewan has since moved to the Grass Valley SPD she assured me the recipe is the same in both stores. Each pie is baked fresh daily. And they go fast. They come in a box. A pie box. Just think, kind of like a meal in the mail kit, except it’s baked fresh daily, at your community market. Enjoy.




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