Ridley’s Family Markets deploys Digital Foodie


Ridley’s Family Markets has deployed Digital Foodie’s on-demand platform.

Ridleys Market
Ridleys Market

The new service will include branded websites and mobile applications that provide personalized shopping experiences for customers across five states in the Mountain West region. Ridley’s will also put Digital Foodie’s state-of-the-art picking and fulfillment tools into effect to optimize the store pick-up and home delivery processes. In addition, Ridley’s and Digital Foodie are partnering to create compelling digital experiences for Ridley’s customers, and will work closely together on marketing initiatives and training programs on the new service to achieve a high level of consumer adoption.

“At Ridley’s, we strive to be on the forefront of grocery innovation, with our Advantage Card for loyal customers as an example of how we extend offers inside the store as well as to serve the broader community,” stated Mark Ridley, Director of Operations at Ridley’s. “With the Digital Foodie platform, we stay in control of our on-the-go customers’ experience as we add on-demand grocery as another service that makes shopping at Ridley’s even more convenient and compelling. The Digital Foodie team has made it very easy and fast to map out the evolution to digital grocery.”

In the digital era the speed of which services are launched and adapted is fast. That was certainly true when massive snowstorm caused the roof of the Ridley’s grocery store in Weiser, ID to collapse. Ridley’s and Digital Foodie’s teams sprung to action quickly and added the service area for the store to the previously planned delivery area for the project and launched the delivery service two days after the accident.

“When the weather challenged us, we were able to act quickly to minimize the disruption to our customers and, in fact, the platform made it straightforward to adapt our strategy to cover the affected area and continue business in Weiser,” says Justin Merrill, Director of Online Sales for Ridley’s Family Markets.

Ridley’s customers are able to create baskets and place orders online or through their mobile devices. Customers can choose the most convenient pickup or delivery time for them, and they are notified when the order is close to being delivered or if the status of the order changes. This results in a more transparent delivery process for the consumer.

“The grocery retail industry has been undergoing a major transformation from brick and mortar to online during recent years,” said Kalle Koutajoki, CEO of Digital Foodie. “Independent retailers face fierce competition and, with limited resources, creating an online service that is better than the new offerings from Wal-Mart, Amazon and large grocery chains is not easy. We have more than half a decade of experience in running online grocery businesses in the most competitive digital grocery market in the world. We have created the world’s only, fully behaviorally personalized online grocery platform. Through the Digital Foodie cloud platform, we are confident that family grocers and independent retailers can compete with anyone to increase their reach and store sales. We are excited to work with Ridley’s Family Markets and enable a true connected commerce.”

The service is available at https://athome.shopridleys.com. Ridley’s Family Markets is a regional family owned chain of Supermarkets, Ace Hardware Stores, and Pharmacies serving communities in Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming.

Digital Foodie is a customizable and scalable cloud platform that transitions grocery stores’ businesses instantly into the on-demand commerce space. For consumers it enables a fully personalized grocery shopping service used by major retailers and brands. The core of the service is formed by highly personalized food and product recommendations that make everyday shopping easy and fun. For retailers, the on-demand platform provides all the tools needed to run modern online operations, click and collect and home deliveries including efficient fulfilment of orders. Digital Foodie operates currently in North America, Europe and Asia.

John Foley is Publisher of foodiedaily.com

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