Purveyors Pantry to open June 15

A preview of the Purveyors Pantry first store set. Scheduled to open on June 15th. the store will feature Artisan Purveyor Small Batch products.

Still under wraps, this is just a pre-opening preview. Purveyors Pantry, the new retail concept launched by Foodie Tout, Inc. is scheduled to open on June 15th. in Nevada City, Ca. The store will feature a wide array of products from local Artisan Purveyors specializing in sauces, marinades, jams, jellies, dressings and dessert sauces. All of the products will be natural or organic and will be available for sampling throughout the day.

“Purveyors Pantry is a culinary adventure for your palate”, said CEO Karen Foley.

The newly remodeled Nevada City space is more than just a showcase and tasting room for Artisan small batch products. The company has plans to film their recipe video production from the space on Wednesday before a small, studio audience.

“One of our goals is to introduce the community to our products and the Artisans that have created them. We know who makes our shoes and clothes but we have very little connection with those who create our food. Purveyors Pantry will bridge the gap and introduce consumers to the Artisan, their products and the flavors and ingredients they enjoy,  ” added Foley.

“We are about building brands and expanding markets and a sure way to do that is to introduce our products to consumers across the country as they visit Nevada City. Aside from the store, consumers will be able to buy products on the PurveyorsPantry.com website which will launch simultaneously with the store’s opening”, said Foley.

Purveyors Pantry to open June 15th.


John Foley is Publisher of foodiedaily.com

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