Organic syrup, pure and simple

Co-founders David DeRinzy and Joshua Bloom.

While some artisans rely on flash and pizazz to move stock, the fellas at Purely Syrup are doing their best to keep their line of flavored syrups as simple as can be.

“Our approach from the start has been very direct,” David DeRinzy, co-founder of Purely Syrup said. “Doing only mono tone flavors offers versatility for the home cook and bartenders.”

Ever since DeRinzy was sparked to create his own line of syrups in Colorado about three years ago, at the height of the ‘mixology’ craze, keeping things uncomplicated was the name of the game. The day after his syrup epiphany struck him, David visited his local coffee shop to research bottle shapes and flavor profiles.

After some preliminary research, DeRinzy laid out his plans to long time friend Joshua Bloom, who was more than willing to dive head first on the organic syrups idea.

“I’m totally down,” said Bloom, recounting the initial pitch. “The genesis from the start was basically, ‘wouldn’t this be useful for other people?’”

Developing a new product, as many artisans know is far easier said than done. The workload is ten-fold if you decide, like DeRinzy and Bloom did to go fully organic. Getting certified isn’t easy, or cheap for that matter.

“You have better ingredients, better quality all around and customers really like seeing that,” Bloom said. “But as far as getting there…there’s not pathway, no guidelines to pass through and onto store shelves.”

After overcoming the usual trials new artisans go through, their product is on store shelves, winning awards and living in the hearts of soda jerks and baristas everywhere.

“There’s a local coffee shop by my house and they’re just blowing through our classic and vanilla bean syrup,” Bloom said. “And the habanero soda alone, it blows people away.”

The Purely Syrup flavor line.

Habanero is easily the welcome black sheep of the Purely Syrup line. It shares the limelight with Classic, Vanilla Bean, Grapefruit and Ginger Root, which is a surefire way to kick up breakfast, just not in the way you’re thinking. One especially creative food scientist with Purely Syrup uses the Ginger Root syrup to caramelize his morning bacon.

For now, expansion is the name of the game. Bloom and DeRinzy want to see their product on store shelves from coast to coast, and pumped in as many coffee shops as possible.

While new flavors are always on the back of Bloom’s and DeRinzy’s collective burners, don’t expect anything too fancy in the future.

“We’ll do a rosemary or a hibiscus, but we’ll never do a rosemary hibiscus,” DeRinzy said. “We want to keep things mono, pure and simple.”

To find out more about Purely Syrups/order a case or ten, check out their website here.

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