Kitchen Curator, Kathleen Hill continues to collect


Kathleen Hill, Sonoma, California’s Grande Dame of Antique kitchen utensils, culinary

Kathleen Hill, The Grande Dame of Culinary Collections displays her cracker tin collection.

collectibles and pieces of exceptional provenance displayed her various French and American cracker tins at Marin French Cheese’s annual festival last weekend. Lots of cheese, music and Marin Cheese styled merriment graced the festival under 95-degree temperatures.

Hill has been collecting “since Hector was a pup”, as they say.  She began purchasing the pieces for her mother, an Interior Designer. At the time, the collector’s price limit was $3.00. Today, she has upped it to $8.00. However, many of the pieces are valued substantially higher. When she found a cracker tin printed in French and English at a British Columbia antique sale she set a course for tins of different tongues.

According to the Kitchen Curator she now has tins printed in Arabic, Tagalog, French, Dutch and English. The Kathleen Hill Culinary Collection includes everything from historic mashers and toasters, to egg beaters, whisks, colanders, flour sifters and scoops and an extensive variety of collectibles spanning 200 years.

If utensils could only talk. What a recipe podcast that would be.



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