Blazing the chili trail with Ann Marie B. of Purveyors Kitchen


Ann Marie Barnett took a break from The Pony Express trail to join us in the Taste Tout Shout kitchen studio to share the secrets behind chili formulation and how to make it great for chowing down around the campfire—or fancy-ing it up for a proper Super Bowl Sunday party.

Tracy lives in a rather large nutshell. Former gator wrestler come chef and once-in-a-while somm, her greatest feat by far is raising a kid who teethed on blood sausage and Picholines. She longs to steal away to Cuba, but in the meantime gets by on making her own mojo and threatening bodily harm to anyone who serves a Daiquiri topped with whipped cream. If you hear what sounds like a kitchen full of people arguing over who gets the chicken oyster, it's probably just Tracy.

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