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Foodie Tout, publisher of Foodie Daily, is the consummate food industry advisory firm, located in the epicurean epicenter of the United States. From co-packing to reputation management, establishing new products to creating social media marketing channels, Foodie Tout is the soup to nuts go-to advisory service for restaurants, food producers and purveyors of high-end culinary products. In short, we are The Foodie Company. Read more


Foodie Daily provides foodies with an outlet to satisfy their cravings for food knowledge. We keep our audience up to date on trending topics within the food industry, and introduce food products that we feel the world must become familiar with. Foodie Daily is foodie journalism at its finest!


As a multi-tiered business platform, Foodie Tout integrates the power of the web and e-commerce with traditional industry methodology to incubate, accelerate and elevate food related businesses. We do this through our suite of sites and services. Learn more at foodiemedia.com.


John Foley

John Foley | Publisher, Founder
John joined Foodie Tout in 2012, bringing with him the extensive body of communication, culinary and business expertise that laid the foundation for Foodie Daily. He is a noted culinary and business columnist whose work appears on Allbusiness.com and Examiner.com.A successful entrepreneur whose interests focus on food, publishing and communications, John has published weekly and daily newspapers and magazines, has owned and operated eight restaurants, and has begun two online companies — most notably as Publisher of IzmoMedia, a Bangalore, India based content provider.

Karen Foley

Karen Foley | Executive Editor, CEO, Founder
Karen was anointed a foodie in 1991 when Time Magazine published a cover story on the former fashion executive’s choice to leave New York City and the fashion world for the simple life: Owning a historic grocery store in St. Paul, Minnesota. Karen soon purchased a second grocery store on the golden shores of Lake Minnetonka, a business which she quickly grew into eight restaurants and the launch of her first website in 2000.

Jaime Carrillo

Jaime Carrillo | Culinary Correspondent
Jaime is the official Culinary Correspondent for Foodie Daily, but around around the office they call him the Kitchen Wizard. His reporting skills are matched only by his creativity in the kitchen, where he spends much of his time videoing his experimental recipes featuring artisan products. See them soon on tastetoutshout.com.

Tracy Whipple

Tracy Whipple | Social Media Manager
Tracy’s face still has the mesh imprint from pressing-up against the side of the playpen watching Julia, Great Chefs, the Galloping Gourmet & Sesame Street while mom slept-off the night shift working local greasy spoon. Having grown up in South Florida in a culinarily German-Jewish kitchen manned-by Latke-frying matriarchs, she knew culinary school would help hone those pro skills. Schooling in the Bay Area in the mid-90s, and in such close proximity to the world’s best wine, oenophilia set in—so eventual stints as both Executive Chef & wine director in restaurants & wineries in San Francisco and Napa Valley came to pass. Ever a lover of luscious prose, homespun potation & mirror thespianism, Tracy longs to taunt the 4th wall.

Ali Smith

Ali Smith | Chief Content Manager
Ali’s web design and content development skills are infused with her experience as a Creative Director, Copywriter and Producer at major direct marketing and traditional advertising agencies. She has led brand-building initiatives for clients such as Humane Society of the United States, ProFlowers, eHealth Insurance, Moviefone, Atkins, Sprint and Proctor & Gamble.

Linda Foshee

Linda Foshee | Production Manager
When Foodie Tout acquired Mad Wills Food Company, they were blessed with Linda. Having been with the company since 1994, Linda is the Swiss-Army knife of the Production Department, on top of being an exceptional designer. Her comprehensive knowledge of the business and her no-nonsense approach to getting things done have been essential to the company’s quick and continuing growth.

Holly Ellis

Holly Ellis | Graphic Designer
Holly — logo, branding and layout whiz — does soup to nuts for the Purveyor’s Kitchen Creative Department. Her prolific background in logo and packaging design raises the bar for PK’s Artisan Purveyor labels, and her videography skills have helped turn out exceptional recipe videos as well.