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Erik Desjarlais crafts the most luxurious home for knives.
Erik Desjarlais crafts the most luxurious home for knives.

For those of you who do not know me, I have worked in the culinary industry for years. I actually got my start, years ago, when Bobby Flay was in culinary school and I was hangin’ with Harry Feldman, PJ Rocco, Billy Connolly and Hal Sherman at JG’s.

It was a time back then. I eventually found my way into, and then around a professional kitchen and I loved it.

I have been there, in a professional kitchen ever since. However, now I peer in through the kitchen window. I am excited about writing for FoodieDaily.com as my travels take me around the globe in search of recipes, housewares, and dishes that would make any professional culinarian envious.

The other evening I got home from a long day of catering parties. The summer has a way about it: Fluffing it in The Hamptons, Tanglewood and then west to help Sondra Bernstein and John Toulze with their staff party, at Transcendence,  then back to the East Coast to travel to Rockport to make an appearance at a lobster shack on Bearskin Neck. Tough gig, all.

My knives have taken a beating over the years having honed my skills on German steel I have been carrying them around in a semblance of a bar towel. Rags around these trophies of carrot chopping, potato dicing and celery stalking isn’t the image I wanted so I knew I had to make a move, fashionable and reasonable on the pocketbook. I had to give my guys a home.

Enter Erik Desjarlais from Weft and Warp. This guy can design some hot leather goods. I was in Brooklyn just last week and a prep chef had the coolest knife roll, complete with a Brand still on the leather. It was dope.

I called Erik, immediately, left a message and an order.

The knife roll came in less than a week. Now, this may seem like a kitchen story, or possibly I have spent too many hours over the past few week in the kitchen, but I swear when my knives were placed in that new Weft and Warp knife roll I think I heard a sigh of relief, especially form the little guy.

Speaking of Guy, I don’t know if Fieri has a Weft and Warp, but he should. It would look really good in his Lambo.

Weft and Warp. A must have for anyone with a knife they care about.

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