Top soy Maruso, goes viral


(Editors Note: The Maruso Team wants to thank everyone requesting

This delightful cod became that way with just a touch of Maruso
This delightful cod became that way with just a touch of Maruso
samples. They are diligently working to fill the abundance of orders received.)

Exciting news on the Social Media front for foodie companies interesting in getting their products to the tongues of waggers interested in broadcasting bits of bites.
Social media is alive and well, it works.
One of the services our parent company, Foodie Tout, Inc. offers artisan food purveyors is social media management and marketing. It is becoming more of a science daily as consumers and companies realize social engagement is the best form of marketing in the new world.
Now for those who still believe social media is merely a way to pick up friends and followers you will never meet, guess again.
Here’s a recount of yesterday’s excitement.
8:00 a.m. Foodie Tout, Inc. offices open to a wonderful morning of sunshine and chickens at the Field of Greens Egg Ranch. It’s our campus.
9:00 a.m. Social Media director Ethan Cohen and Foodie Daily staff meet for an editorial meeting in the Taste Tout Shout room.
9:15 a.m. Call from Peggy Tupac, Maruso Soy Sauce, is put through to Ethan.
PT -“Ethan, this is Peggy. Strangely I have just received 98 responses to the “Sample” tab we put on Facebook. Could this be spam?”
EC – “Peggy that is great news. I don’t believe it is spam, but we will check. Oh, Wow. Up to 140. That’s great.”
PT – “No Ethan, I was at 140 a few minutes ago. I am now at 154. “

EC– “Peggy, that’s great. What, 169? I better call you back. I need to check a few things. “
EC – “Holy crap. She’s picked up 159 likes on Facebook. It could be going… “
Viral? OMG.
That’s the word everyone shoots for: Viral, that little connect from here to there and then from there to who-knows-where.
The conversation between Ethan and Peggy continued throughout the day. What began as a little sample tab with two responses grew into over 2200 forms with names, addresses, phone numbers and email information. Not a bad day’s work.
This morning, Peggy Tupac called. The numbers of sample requests received were out of the box. Peggy was up late into the night corresponding with potential soy sauce samplers anxious to taste Maruso, the original Black Bean Soy Sauce.
The Foodie Tout, Inc. team was also up into the night, fine tuning, correlating and contemplating how to hit 3000 sample requests next time.
Social media is rapidly becoming the new form of advertising and marketing. Getting a handle on your voice, how to chart your corporate course and what steps to take to make a sampler a customer are still questions everyone asks.
But only few have the answers to.
Social media, a friendly way to attract customers.
That’s what occurred yesterday.
Phones ringing. Numbers being shouted. The V word, tossed around a lot. Site’s numbers inceasing, voices being raised to speak above the roar, while the numbers continued to increase as rapidly as bubbles in boiled water.
By day’s end, 2200 potential customers filled out a sample request form: Name, address, and phone number, along with an email address to send the sample and a note. Possibly a coupon.
Overwhelming? You bet. Peggy Tupac- whose Soy Sauce has been a family recipe for generations – had never experienced such immediate response.
“We had our ‘sample‘ tab on the site for a few months and received only two hits. I was ready to change it, or even take it down. And then, out of nowhere, the requests began coming in. Names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. It was wonderful. Overwhelming, but wonderful.”
Now, it’s time to get sampling.

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