Tom Duvall puts retirement on back burner


With retirement approaching and the thought of slowing down left far behind, Tom Duvall of Lemoore, Calif. had

Tom and Janie Duvall with their Pa Paw crew.
Tom and Janie Duvall with their Pa Paw crew.

anything but a relaxing retirement in mind. Growing up in Kentucky, Tom was surrounded by a strong, southern barbeque culture, and grew up making barbeque sauce in his kitchen with his family. These roots followed Tom all the way to California where he was stationed during his time in the United States Navy.

Friends and family were constantly telling Tom that he should be bottling and selling his famed barbeque sauce. It wasn’t until his retirement approached in April of 2008 that Tom made the final push to announce Pa Paw’s Killer BBQ Sauce was finally open for business. “We didn’t want to be lazy and sit home all the time. We’re outgoing people, we enjoy it,” Tom says of his and his wife’s decision to start this family business. Tom has high hopes that the business will continue to remain in the family for as long as his kids are willing to carry on with it.

Pa Paw’s Killer BBQ Sauce features two different flavored sauces – medium and hot – that lend a sweet, tangy and spicy flavor to the taste buds. When asked about further development on the line of flavors, Tom has decided that he, “doesn’t want to get to scattered out. I got a good product and I want to stick with what I got.” There is, however, a new recipe in the works to create the same flavorful sauce with a sugar substitute for those with diabetic restrictions.

Made with a minimum amount of sodium, and void of MSG and high fructose corn syrup, Pa Paw’s Killer BBQ Sauce is one of the most

Janie Duvall wears her Pa Paw hat proudly at fairs and farmers market.
Janie Duvall wears her Pa Paw hat proudly at fairs and farmers market.

versatile condiments on the market. Not only can this sauce be enjoyed in traditional barbeque dishes such as pulled pork and succulent wings, but also as an uncommon ice-cream garnish – “it tasted like a regular ice-cream topping” claims Tom of trying this new combination.

This is just one of the many intriguing food fusions that have been unearthed by Pa Paw’s Killer BBQ Sauce. Tom features treasured family recipes and customers’ tried-and-true favorites on his website that pair stunningly well with his home-crafted BBQ sauce. Either on your classic peanut butter sandwich or your regular BBQ fair, Pa Paw’s Killer BBQ sauce tastes great with anything.

The flavors of Tom’s Killer BBQ Sauce have reached beyond the United States and have been shipped to countries like the Philippines, Japan and Germany. “We once had a foreign exchange student living in our town,” Tom explains, “who went home to Germany and ordered four bottles of our BBQ sauce. She paid $47 for shipping just for a few bottle of our sauce!”

It is safe to say that the sweet and spicy flavor of Pa Paw’s Killer BBQ Sauce has taken taste buds by storm around the world.

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