Ten tips for better baking


Any way the cookie crumbles, baked good are delicious and everyone has their favorite recipe. These ten tips can be applied to almost any recipe and will make you feel like a pastry chef in no time!


1. Add cayenne pepper
Even though pepper and baked goods seem like an odd pair, the key is to add only a shake or two of pepper. This spicy, red pepper lends a clean aftertaste to baked goods and helps balance out sweet desserts.

2. Use an ice cream scoop
Not only does using an ice cream scoop make clean up easier and prep neater, it also gives your baked good a professional, uniform appearance.

3. Finish with sea salt
Similarly, to the cayenne pepper, sea salt provides an unexpected addition to baked goods. Sprinkle sea salt on top of desserts to lend a richer, more complex flavor.

4. The more the merrier
Sure, the recipe says oatmeal raisin cookies, but get creative—add your favorite toppings and spices in! Doesn’t oatmeal raisin, cinnamon, coconut cookies sound better?

5. Replace oil with applesauce
Roughly one 4 ounce cup of applesauce can replace the oil in a cake, muffin, or pie recipe. This is an easy way to make moist, low-fat baked goods

6. Try whole wheat pastry flour
Unlike wheat flour, whole wheat pastry flour can be used in place of white flour without any modifications to the original recipe. Whole wheat flour provides more nutrients, flavor, and fiber than white flour.

7. Swap coconut oil instead of butter
Coconut oil is a solid oil with a sweet taste. It makes an excellent, vegan substitute in baked goods and contains less saturated fat than butter.

8. Top it off
Although taste reigns supreme, something can be said for baking beautiful food. An easy way to upgrade your baked goods is to add toppings—just a sprinkle of powdered sugar, cinnamon, or toasted coconut instantly upgrades your deserts’ appeal.

9. Use fresh spices
Fresh spices may be a bit more expensive than their powdered counterparts but the difference they make is immeasurable. Using fresh ginger in gingerbread or vanilla beans instead of vanilla extract is an easy way to boost flavor.

10. Cool before plating
Ni matter how tempting it is to scrape cookies directly off the tray, waiting a few minutes will make the job easier and prevent breakage.


Happy baking!

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