Sonoma’s Tuesday night season comes to a close

Aunt Betty preps her Corn Dogs for the masses.
Aunt Betty preps her Corn Dogs for the masses.

Traditions lives on in Sonoma.  Last evening residents and visitors celebrated the season ending final Tuesday night Farmers Market with an abundance of picnic suppers, peppers, tomatoes, marigolds, munchies and music as the seasons change from Farmers Market to crush.

Sweet Scoops opened as a handmade ice creamery.
Sweet Scoops opened as a handmade ice creamery.

Aunt Betty was there, making her corn dogs which are the best in the World. Potters were throwing clay. On the wheel of course. The Tri-Tip Trolly, one of the most expensive food trucks in the country made a season-finale Tuesday night appearance. And the array of colorful of freshness made everyone a bit happier on a night that traditionally closed a season’s chapter.

But the good news:When the food tents roll up for the final weekly gathering the smell of Cabernet fills the air. Last night was no different. The quaintness of the square lingered long after the tents and their proprietors went home.

But take notice,  the city of Sonoma and its surrounding hamlets: Boyes Hot Springs, Aqua Caliente, Fetters Hot Springs, along with each of the neighborhoods encompassing them, are on fire. The restaurants are bustling. The shops are busy and the economic health of the city looks great. And, if construction along the streets and highways leading to the epicurean epicenter of Sonoma County are any sign, the growth will continue for some time.

The Bodegas lining Highway 12 traveling north to Santa Rosa are being graced with widened sidewalks where a path of dirt once blew. Along those new walkways, antique styled black light posts with frosted glass globes shed light on a neighborhood that will quickly invite strolling on warm autumn nights. Kathleen Hill, the famed Food Editor of The Sonoma Index Tribune, will now have a much brighter path when she hosts her Sonoma Bodega tours. If you have not participated in one of these, they are a must-do the next time you are in town.

Further up the highway, the two large identical Colonial styled houses, stalled mid-construction, have been removed. The field is back, the project vanished. The neighborhood looks better.

Maxwell Village Starbucks has been remodeled, opting for a darker, harder ambiance replacing soft chairs with metal barstools in a community table.

The colors of the season surrounded the square.
The colors of the season surrounded the square.

The newly opened Pangloss Cellars on Napa St. is a stunning example of a building upgrade that adds to the charm of downtown.  The Ice Cream store, turned morning crepe place, turned ice cream store has changed hands and the newly upgraded shop, Sweet Scoops has opened giving the handmade ice cream set a place to enjoy without the stickiness found in other town  ice creameries.

So as Sonoma grows and changes, the air is still filled with Cabernet, but less smog. Sonoma is quickly becoming a Tesla hotbed. And with the Teslas comes a demographic that could redirect the direction that drive people to grow.

It will be interesting to watch.

Only 161 days until the Tuesday night Farmers Market opens in Sonoma.



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