Smoked Salmon comes to life for the Martins


Here’s a hella one. With a puzzle.

Here goes: What do you get when you combine a father who loves to smoke salmon on his porch in Dayton, Ohio and a son who works for the National Park Service in Alaska? The answer in a moment, but

Martins Smokery smoked salmon and snap pea salad is a delightful brunch item.
Martins Smokery smoked salmon and snap pea salad is a delightful brunch item.

first a word on Martin Jr. and Martin 3rd, referred to here as The Martins.
A few months past a year ago I reached out to Martin Davis Jr. and his son, Martin Davis 3rd. to speak with them regarding a project they had posted on a site similar to Their Kickstarter project fell short of its goal and since FCF was just launching in BETA and needed projects allowing us to test the site, I thought Martin and Martin Smoked Salmon would be a worthwhile project to test.
Now granted, I was a bit skeptical when I first contacted the two Martins regarding their new venture. They were located in Dayton, Ohio and although I am not a fisherman, I knew salmon had a larger presence, say, in Alaska, than it did in Dayton.
When I brought that fact to the attention of the two Martins they assured me they were well aware. Martin Jr., I was told, had been smoking Salmon for the past twenty years. You might say he is passionate about his hobby.
While dad was on the porch with the smoker and the Salmon, the 3rd was in Alaska working for the National Park Service and paying close attention to the Salmon industry. Today, the 3rd. makes annual trips to the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers for salmon fishing and has established connections in the salmon industry allowing the Martins to acquire the freshest salmon, flown in, for their smoking requirements.
And that’s not all. A year ago when they were spawning this smoked salmon idea, the packaging, the shipping, and the cooling all had to be figured out. And, for those who aren’t familiar with food start-ups, none of those tasks are without challenges. The packaging, the shipping and the cooling is usually where the work begins. Those particular components are often the obstacles that are frequently insurmountable. Not for the Martins.
“We’ve been perfecting this for over 20 years. We call it our 3S Process because the end result is the perfect balance of salt, smoke, and sweetness,” said Martin Jr., adding, “We use only wild-caught Sockeye salmon sourced from suppliers who follow sustainable management practices. Taking a yearly fishing trip to Alaska, Martin 3rd. personally observes sustainable fishing methods and keeps up to date with the latest practices.”

The Martins brine their salmon in a carefully managed, all natural mixture that has a much lower salt content than most of the similar commercially available products. This allows the duo to produce a product that features the taste of the delicious salmon itself, without its being overpowered by the brine. The recipe makes a more versatile product and is a healthier alternative to most of the commercial competitors.

Smoked over pure oak charcoal at a low temperature so the salmon flavors evenly. During the smoking process, the temperature of each Martin x Martin Smoked Salmon fillet is monitored individually to ensure product safety. Each fillet is then marked by hand with a Fish Identification Number (F.I.N.) for small batch tracking and quality control.

“It took us months to figure out how to keep shipping costs and the actual process. Going from the back porch to our own facility was a big move. But now it is paying off”, said Martin Jr.

Last week we received our latest delivery of salmon. It was beyond expectations and surpassed our wild salmon dreams. The packaging, supporting material, recipes and graphics have elevated the entire presence. Thanks to Leslie Handshoe-Suter, of The Small Town Growth Group the company formulated a plan and launched an up and coming brand. That’s not easy in the smoked salmon market.
But the Martins, Jr. and 3rd. have developed a product that will amaze every smoked salmon lover. It may turn lovers into aficionados as many who have tried the MartinxMartin Smokery Salmon could not get enough.
At the recent Sonoma, Ca. Rotary Applause Auction, where the evening’s theme was based on themed food dining tables, Michelle Skaff raved about MartinxMartin Smokery Salmon.
“That’s the best smoked Salmon I have ever had”, said Michelle Skaff at the recent Sonoma Rotary Club Applause Auction, adding, “I really think this is great smoked salmon.”
The is an Artisan Purveyor’s story. It’s what makes the food world creatively adventurous. One day a back porch hobby, the next a company smoking salmon in Dayton, shipping it around the world.
Currently, The Martins produce and ship their premium smoked salmon from a small facility in Dayton, Ohio. The product is deliciously available online.

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