Simple Garde Manger Technique


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Strawberries! Strawberries! Strawberries! This time of year is so delicious. Many farms are delivering several varieties of fruit and vegetables to the table, and consumers are not complaining. A favorite among many, if you haven’t guessed, are strawberries. They are so rich, sweet and a must have during spring and summer. From pies, to cakes, to even salads strawberries can make an appearance in many forms when it comes to cooking. Since strawberries are available in a surplus during this season, Why not try out your Garde Manger skills? Strawberries are very versatile in cooking as an ingredient, but also they can be made into beautiful pieces to compliment a meal at home or a banquet event. With just a little practice, patience and a desire for beautiful food, anyone can create beautiful pieces at home.

Tools you will need:


Paring knife

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  1. Hold the strawberry from the leaves. To make the first cut, apply pressure going straight down the side of the strawberry until you are close to the stem, without cutting straight through. This will create the first “petal”. Continue around the strawberry until you return to the first petal. The size of your slice will determine “petal” width; you will usually get 4-5 petals on the bottom.
  2. photo 3 (10)photo 4 (8)As seen in the photo, begin the next set of rows slightly higher than the first. Cut straight down. Cut the new set of petals between two petals from the first row, this way the flower will be more realistic and won’t look boxy.
  3. photo 5 (7)As you make the petals higher and higher you will notice your cuts will be more diagonal. At this point (third or fourth row) you can make smaller cuts which will create more petals and look more like a rose.
  4. photo 3 (9)As you get to the tip of the strawberry, you will come to the end where the last cut is made, making the last two petals. Remove one of them after you cut. If the strawberry is firm and the petal doesn’t remove easily, simply remove it cutting it off with the paring knife.
  5. photo 5 (6)Now you can open the petals to create the rose. Using the paring knife slide each piece slightly towards you. The petals should naturally open because of how they are cut. This just defines them more and creates an open rose.

photo 1 (9)

You have created your first rose! Was that easy or hard for you? Learning to make these flowers is not easy but with some practice your flowers will only improve. These flowers will compliment any fruit and vegetable tray or even used in a centerpiece. Strawberries are so versatile in how they can be presented. Whether they are baked, made into jam, sliced in a salad or even made into a rose, Strawberries are the perfect companion to any meal!

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