Personally picked produce: a new kind of supermarket

Posted by John Foley

headerbuildingWith thirteen years of supermarket managing experience under his belt, it’s no wonder that the next natural step for Chad Roy was to open up a supermarket of his own. However, Chad’s idea of a supermarket included handpicking the produce himself and providing the best available product to his customer – a feat not many of his competitors have been able to accomplish.

It was always a dream of Chad’s to open a supermarket of his own, but it wasn’t until a discussion with friend, and now business partner, Scott Teodoro, that the idea for Harbor Green Markets was born. It was Scott and Chad’s mission to open a market that would not only bring customers the best prices, but also the choicest products that were available. “I’ve always wanted to open a store,” says Chad of forming the idea for his own market, “Scott and I started talking about opening a store together even though Scott’s background isn’t in grocery.”

Chase or Ryan, the produce expert
Looking for a specific fruit or vegetable? Just ask Chase or Ryan, the produce experts

Due to Chad’s total twenty years of market knowledge and experience; unique relationships with farmers and brokers have been built across the state, further lending to Harbor Greens Market unique selection of produce. These relationships have been responsible not only for obtaining the freshest produce, but making Harbor Greens Market such a success. While Chad is mainly responsible for selecting the produce, it is his excellent team that helps ensure that every product carried in the store is something that Harbor Greens Market can stand behind. From attending food shows, visiting local farmers and traveling from coast to coast to find great products, the selection process of goods for Harbor Greens Market has become a science.

Chad is mainly responsible for the abundant fruitage within Harbor Greens Market and ensures that his eyes and hands are on every fruit and vegetable that passes through its’ doors. “I go up to Seattle several times a week,” Chad says of his personal selection process, “and hand select the produce – I get the stuff coming right off the truck.” Each piece of produce that is selected for the market is chosen by Chad based on quality, sizing and color. Not only does this mean that Harbor Greens Market customers are choosing from personally picked produce, but they are also receiving a fresher product than many other grocery stores. “If you’re getting a head of lettuce out of Arizona,” says Chad, “you’re getting a head of lettuce out of Harbor Greens that is perhaps a week newer.”

Harbor Greens also features a huge variety of all-natural deli salads and deli sliced meats.
Harbor Greens also features a huge variety of all-natural deli salads and deli sliced meats.

Together, Chad and Scott have opened two stores, one located in Gig Harbor, Wash. and the other in University Place, Wash., and both bustling and busy with customers eager to collect the fresh handpicked produce. At the time, further expansion seems dizzying to Chad – but it’s certainly not out of the question. “We’re focusing on what we do and doing the best that we can… You can’t ever think of opening a store once you’ve just opened one, but once everything’s settled you never know.” With a unique business plan of personally picking produce, Harbor Greens Market is definitely a new, and successful, kind of supermarket.

For more information on Harbor Greens Market and their weekly specials, visit www.harborgreensmarket.com.