Omnibar introduces beef based protein bar at Expo-West


Many would be upset waiting with the 30,000 plus attendees that eagerly lined the Anaheim Convention entrances Friday to view the latest and greatest all natural food offerings from across the USA and the Globe at this year’s Natural Products Expo West. I was ecstatic. The crowd solidified the fact the food industry is thriving. Omnibar introduces new flavors
On a mission, I was looking for upcoming trends, new or unique ingredient combinations to create the next “new” culinary experience. I was looking for the stories behind the product, that one ingredient no other purveyor can repricate, duplicate, or borrow.

The third floor was my Mecca. First time purveyors tidied their booths, polished their products, and organized their offerings of samples anticipating the crowd of buyers and merchants searching for the next food item with “healthy benefits” or a “Great for You” ingredient deck.
It didn’t take long to spot the possible purveyors that met my pre-show criteria for product selection.

Omnibar, caught my eye immediately. Here is my first “favorite” better for you and uniquely different product from the Natural Products Expo West.

OMINBAR, Missoula, MT
In Missoula, Montana, Omnibar creators Cooper Burchenal and Brent Ruby decided to ranch-up “Farm to Table” with The new “Ranch to Table” Omnibar.
Burchenal and Ruby collaborated on the flavors and created a calorie-dense food bar using pasture-raised beef as the protein source.
An ingredient deck worth noting, the duo Combines beef, fruits, nuts, spices, and hearty oats creating four delicious and unique bars that are low Glycemic, low Sugar, hormone free with no Nitrates or preservatives. The company has introduced four unique flavors: Mango Curry, Cranberry Rosemary, Chipotle BBQ and my favorite Roasted Peanut (made with Beef, Peanuts, Sweet Potatoes (yes I did say Sweet Potatoes), oats and flax seed.

Worth the discovery.

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