Move over Bacon, Phoney Baloney has arrived


Meeting the makers behind the creation of the food products we consume is one of the highlights of any food show. It always a pleasure to meet the person behind the product and hear the story of their brand. A wildly fun couple, Kyle Domer and Andrea Dermos introduced me to Phoney Baloney, a recently launched product that is putting the sizbacon-3packzle back in coconut. Sizzle in coconut? Exactly.

We all know how people are just crazy about bacon. This piggy-less, cholesterol free bacon substitute adds the flavor without the oink. Bacon lovers everywhere get ready for “coconut bacon”. Its vegan and gluten free. Packed in a 3.5oz bag, coconut bacon is the perfect topper on salads and can be added to everything bacon lovers love. New flavors include a soy-free reduced sodium (my personal favorite), Chipotle BBQ, Apple Fennel, and of course, Candied Bacon.
Check ’em out. It’s hot.

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