Wanted: 50 video recipe contestants

ttshout-coming-soonBe honest — you’ve always thought you too could become a culinary star on camera. How hard could it be to travel the world eating critters, interviewing chefs and sampling sauces and condiments from continents near and far?

Well, this could be your opportunity. Enter our recipe contest and sit back, enjoy the ride. Who knows where this could lead?

When our parent company, Foodie Tout, was merely a seed, we began brainstorming about a recipe site to complement the Artisan Purveyors we were representing at the time. We tossed ideas around, considered what style of recipes and products we wanted to feature, and what type of consumer we wanted to appeal to.

That was three years ago. And just like every business seed, you never really know how it will grow and what it will develop into.

That’s how we looked at Foodie Tout in the beginning.  A lot has occurred since then.

Two years ago today, we were moving from Sonoma Square to the offices we renovated at Ron Lawson’s Field of Dreams Egg Ranch.

Just one year ago we were in the midst of our Mad Will’s acquisition and preparing to move our operation from Sonoma to Auburn.

December seems to always be a monumental month for Karen and myself as all of our milestones take place as the year wraps up. That’s why we’re launching the Taste Tout Shout Recipe Contest now, in December, the busiest culinary time of the year. Think about it: beginning mid-November, people you never knew to have any baking skills suddenly begin creating cookies, cakes, and foil-baking-pan breads in celebration of the Holidays. Pies abound. Roast sales soar. Wild turkey flocks disappear, reappearing dressed with garden delights, fruits and savories.

We think now is the time to join us for some creative cooking. Let’s keep the stove warm, the cookie jar full, the cake plates useful and the creativity flowing. Become the main ingredient in everything you prepare.


About tasetetoutshout.com

purveyors kitchen product shots

Taste Tout Shout. More than a recipe site. Much more than ingredient lists.

We look at ingredients differently. We know the main ingredient in every food product is the artist who created the product, the chef that developed the recipe.

We also know the primary ingredient in every recipe site is the community behind it.

That’s why when Taste Tout Shout launches, community members will be rewarded for tasting, touting and shouting about recipes and products that our select group of artisan purveyors and chefs share.

It’s more than just a place to go to find what’s for dinner. It’s a community table that has unlimited seats with a steady flow of ingredients to grace it.

And, your skills, taste buds and culinary creativity will help make our community based recipe site successful: once the site launches, Touters — our word for those who simply rate the products on the site — will receive credits (stars) towards an array of hard to find and proprietary Artisan Purveyor creations. Sauces, condiments, jams, jellies, pepper spreads and dessert sauces.

So let’s have some fun, create some recipes, reviews and content and become part of a new, exciting culinary journey.

And, those rewards come in many forms and flavors. You will be able to redeem those points for discounts and products, subscription boxes, lunch and dinner party boxes from the wide array of products that we forage, formulate and create.

Join us. It’s rewarding.

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John Foley

John Foley is Publisher of foodiedaily.com

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