It May be time to run a summer help ad

Posted by John Foley

20130322_112137When the calendar flips to July, frantic and frenzy usually follow. The time is upon us to begin hiring summer wait staff to handle the rush everyone is expecting. And although we have completed this task every summer, for years, it always activates the adrenaline.

 Here is a simple list to follow- ten tips- that may make this year’s  hiring easier.

 1). Don’t even think of putting a help wanted sign in your window.

2). Employment applications shouldn’t be stuck in a drawer somewhere torn, wrinkled and water stained. Download new application forms. Make sure you have a copy of your training manual printed and ready to distribute to the new hires. 

3). Develop a schedule ahead of time and make sure you have it in front of you when interviewing. It saves a lot of time if you get the availability to work question out of the ay early in the interview.

4). Finding qualified employees is always a task for any owner. However, in some areas of the country it is easier than others. Place your ad on line on Craiglist or other employment sites specializing in hospitality. Ask your current employees if they have any recommendations – family or friends- who they may like to work with.

5). Have an interview schedule typed and position by the phone. Either keep a copy in your office or at the reception desk. Schedule the interviews either for a specific time or do one group interview- a cattle call- and select the prime candidates to second-interview then.

6). During the interview make sure to inform the potential employee about your company. Highlight the numerous requirements you have along with the benefits of working their. Do not emphasize you are “one big happy family”, you are not. You are a team. You are looking for members to become part of the team.

7). Cover as many policy issues as possible in the interview. Are you a drug free environment? Do you test for drugs? Do you offer time off for summer help? Do they have to work through the month of August when every student in the world takes their tips and bolts to Europe for a few weeks before classes begin again.

8). After making your hiring selections make sure that you bring in the new employees and train them as quickly as possible. Get them on the schedule even if you are not busy yet. Remember, your competition is also looking for employees and if someone receives a better offer – more hours and a more immediate pay check – they are gone as quickly as complimentary cheese and crackers at happy hour.

9). Develop a checklist of items given to the new employee- Employee Handbook, uniform, tax form, job description form, and a company hiring and firing policy if it isn’t in the employee handbook. Make sure they sign the checklist acknowledging the received a cop of each important item.

10). Have a meeting with your current staff about the influx of employees and how they should be treated, trained and assisted during there tenure.