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Erik stitching his latest creation...
Erik stitching his latest creation…

weftandwarp1Erik Desjarlais of Weft & Warp Seamster and Intervale Leatherworks is one of the best leather craftsmen in the country when it comes to chef knife rolls and leather bags.
Based in New Gloucester, Maine, Erik honed his skills both in the kitchens of his own restaurants and in his grandfather’s upholstery shop.
Life’s funny like that. Especially for chefs and restaurant owners who are frequently gazing at new horizons wondering where it all fits.
For Erik, life’s turn took him back to his grandfather’s craft, sort of.
When the culinarian acquired his grandfather’s upholstery sewing machine and equipment he didn’t have a solid plan to go into the leather knife roll biz.
His wife, Krista, also a chef, needed a new knife roll so Erik, a well-known chef and restaurant owner who had recently retired from his Portland kitchen decided to create a knife roll for Krista.
Rather “rustic”, his first few rolls were beautifully raw and didn’t have the finished look Erik eventually adopted, but they sold. Chefs in Portland were purchasing them as fast as Erik could create them.
The line expanded. And, the chefs came calling. For orders.
Chris Cosentino refers to his as “a true chef’s briefcase.”
Mark Noguchi co-founder of The Pili Group likes to associate “integrity” of product with Erik’s.
“I never thought I would use “integrity to describe my apron, until I was introduced to Weft and Warp. I feel like I’m putting on a bulletproof vest when I wear Erik’s gear. It’s an experience every day,” claims “Gooch”.
And then there’s Jamie Bissonette.
“As a chef we practice responsibility. We know where our meat comes from, who raises it and how. We know about our cheeses in the same way. We have farmers growing produce for us. For me, knowing who is making my aprons, knife rolls and bags is not only a continuation of a natural thing, it’s pretty f’ing cool… Erik is a chef. Erik is a seamster. Erik is a bad ass. I love his leatherworks. When I travel, everyone wants one. It’s time to give him the opportunity to keep up with demand.”
Erik is currently in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds to expand.
He’s got four days left on the campaign and needs help to meet his goal.

Four days. A few more orders will put Erik over the top.
Let’s help get this done for Erik.

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