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Farm to fork cuisine. When you go to a restaurant, do you think about where your food is coming from? Does it matter to you that the food is straight from the farm or even organic? Granted, sometimes we are so hungry that no food within our field of radar is safe, so we may not be thinking of its nutritional value. In reality, by taking a few seconds to think about what you’re putting in your body, you not only benefit yourself physically but you help local farmers and restaurant owners who are making available healthier options. Farm to fork cuisine is popping up in more restaurants, especially in California. Restaurants are hearing the cries of guests wanting organic options and a better quality of food. Menus are changing and local food markets and farmers are receiving a higher demand for farm fresh produce.

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One restaurant in Modesto, California is on board with “farm to fork cuisine”, and believe me they are doing it right! For the past few years Greens has been delivering not only farm fresh food, but also organic options. Greens offers an appetizing menu like many restaurants claim to do. The difference setting them apart is that what their guests are eating was recently picked or harvested from the owner’s 8 acre organic farm. Fresh greens, cabbage, kale, spinach, and a variety of root and summer vegetables are a regular in the restaurant. The beauty in this is that you can rarely eat the same thing twice. The seasonal vegetables with menu to reflect them allow you to enjoy fresh vegetables all year round. Don’t think that your meal will be hay and roots, as many think of when they hear the word organic or farm fresh. This is farm fresh food you’ll actually want to eat. The talented teams at Greens create mouth watering dishes to please any palate. This meal will be not only memorable but enjoyable.

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Perhaps tonight you want to skip the vegetables, and want a burger or something decadent, maybe chocolate? The team at Greens has you covered. Grass fed, or Angus beef, even free-range chicken are available for your burger consumption. Add some local Fiscalini Farms cheese, or Pt. Reyes Bleu to create the ultimate burger. If you can think it, they can make it and you will not be disappointed. Let’s get serious for a moment though. You’re most likely craving something sweet. Great news, Greens has their own bakery! From rich decadent cakes, to fresh fruit pies, to even Gelato there is nothing they can’t do for you. Both locations in Modesto offer fresh pastries and desserts to satisfy every sweet tooth. Let’s say today was a stressful day and you don’t want to cook or just want to take a break, grab a meal from their grab and go case and enjoy Greens at home! They not only offer food to go in their case but they can make your meals for you. That’s right, you don’t even have to cook it’s like having a personal Chef in your home. Their talented cooks can cater to any diet, or requests to make everyone in the home excited about what’s for dinner. If you have an event or even a small dinner party Greens offers a full catering service too. They can make your event memorable with delicious food catered to your specific menu.

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If you’re at a restaurant and the menu offers a farm to fork cuisine get excited. Not only will you enjoy fresh food but you will be supporting the local farmers in your community. If you happen to live in California and want to try farm to fork cuisine at its best, stop by Greens in Modesto you’ll be happy you did!

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