Dave's Gourmet is hot


Dave Hirschkop makes hot sauce. Really hot, hot sauce. Hot sauce so hot the National Fiery Food ShowDownloadedFile-1 banned it in 1993 after someone complained of “respiratory problems” post consumption.

Spiciness in food is measured in something called Scoville units. To give you an idea of just how hot Dave’s hot sauce is: ordinary Tabasco weighs in at a solid 5000 Scoville units; Dave hot sauce weighs in at 150,000! Now that’s just insane – actually, it’s insanity: it’s Dave’s Insanity Hot Sauce!

Dave doesn’t rely on this measuring tool, however, saying he doesn’t “quote nor trust Scoville units.” Of course he doesn’t, if you were the creator of The Hottest Sauce in the Universe, would you need Scoville units?

Originally created to drive away unruly late night customers from his small College Park Maryland restaurant, Burrito Madness, the ultra strength hot sauce paradoxically caught on. The ante was upped and soon Dave found himself adding industrial strength oleoresin capsicum to the mix. Yes, that’s what makes pepper spray work so well.

It only got more popular.

When it was banned from the 1993 New Mexico Fiery Food show, Dave knew he was on to something.

From that moment on, Dave became something of a pioneer and innovator in a niche market of crazy fire-eaters. Thus the fiery genesis of Dave’s Insanity line of products.

This kind of culinary jaywalking has become Dave’s stock in trade and, since the inception of the original Insanity Sauce, Dave has created Dave’s Gourmet and its award winning seventy plus products. With distribution on both national and international scales, his brand has been featured on the likes of The Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN, MTV, The BBC News, and the Food Network. He has been featured in most top newspapers and magazines including the British GQ, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street journal, BusinessWeek, Real Simple, and Sunset. Just to name a few.

He has even written his own cookbook, the eponymously named Crazy From the Heat: Dave’s Insanity Cookbook.

All the products in the line showcase fresh ingredients used in new, and provocative, or insane, ways. The brand boasts everything from full flavored pasta sauces, ice cream toppings, drink mixes, to, of course, hot sauce.

Pasta and hot sauce comprise the main focus of the company. “We specialize in innovative pasta sauces like Butternut Squash Pasta Sauce, Wild Mushroom Sauce, Marsala Marinara, Organic Red Heirloom Pasta sauce, etc. “ Dave explains. “We are actually doing our brand clarification finale this year. Dave’s Gourmet is our company and our bigger pasta sauce brand. Our other brand that we call Dave’s Insanity is our hot and spicy brand.”

Dave’s hot sauces come in all kinds of strengths from Jump up and Kiss me to a one of a kind adjustable strength version to the original Insanity Sauce built to last a normal person about three years.

This is the one with the cult following, his first and favorite. This is the one that goes for $1000 in secondary markets. It’s the one ZZ Top guitarist Billy Gibbons uses to size his shirt pockets to their exact dimensions, this is the one that caused respiratory weakness.

This is the one people fell in love with.

Pure insanity.

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