Chef Gino’s Bambini Italian Cooking Class a huge success with the little ones

Posted by Foodie Daily

The day’s lesson was pizza and if anyone knows pizza, it’s Ginolina
The day’s lesson was pizza and if anyone knows pizza, it’s Ginolina

Bistro Ginolina, a warm, authentic and family-friendly Italian restaurant in downtown San Rafael, recently began a series called Bambini Italian Cooking Class with Chef Gino. It’s a huge success with the little ones.

The classes, created especially for little aspiring chefs, is unlike anything else being offered in the foodie-saturated area.

“I love kids and I love to cook,” smiles Chef Gino. “So I think why not have a cooking class for kids?”

Indeed. Why not?

And so it was that a small and eager group of children crowded amongst the white clothed tables, busily writing their names on chef hats.

Gino, dressed as a clown, greeted the kids and helped them into their chef gear, hats and aprons, and then led them group by group into the back of the bustling kitchen.

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The day’s lesson was pizza and if anyone knows pizza, it’s Ginolina. Their pizza is some of the very best to be had. The crust is the perfect balance of chewiness and crispiness — the secret, they say, is that they use private well water in their recipe. Whatever the secret, it’s divine.

A beautiful wood oven burned brightly behind the focused students as they industriously spread sauce and sprinkled toppings.

Parents sat at the bar chatting, having a drink, watching as their kids proudly presented them with perfectly baked pies. Everyone crowded together eating, cooking, getting to know each other, enjoying that wonderful open-armed hospitality fostered by delicious food and community: the heart, soul, and spirit of Bistro Ginolina.

“Gino had the idea to host a cooking class,” says co-owner Lina, “so I did a little research to see if anyone else was doing anything like this and realized no one was. Why not? It just makes sense,” Lina continues, “so many kids would love to learn how to cook, there is such an interest in food, in where it comes from, in what goes into it. And they are learning a skill. They will always know how to feed themselves!”

And it’s fun to boot.

“This is the best!” glowed student Isabella Dodson as she ate her pizza. Fun was the consensus for both parents and kids. It was such a success that they have decided to host bimonthly classes, opening their doors to little ones eager to try on a chef’s hat, learn how to toss a pizza, and have some fun.

If you are interested in signing up for a future class or to get updates and announcements, “like” Bistro Ginolina on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Bistro-Ginolina-116210788407598/timeline/

Or for more information call 415.258.8590 or go online to www.ginolina.com.