Breakfast teas–make it a good morning



Start the day off right with a refreshing cup of breakfast tea. Breakfast tea is a broad category of black teas that usually have a clean, sharp taste.

The most common sub-categories are English, Irish, and Scottish Breakfast tea.  Each tea manufacturer uses their own unique blend of teas and herbs but it is safe to say that almost all breakfast teas start with black tea leaves. Black tea encompasses all varieties of fully fermented and fired teas.  Black teas have a bolder flavor than green teas and a less smoky taste than oolongs. Tea leaves grown in different regions of the world have characteristic tastes; thus, the it is the combination of tea leaves that gives each beverage its complex flavor profile.

English Breakfast teas tend to have a coppery color and robust flavor because most include Ceylon tea. This malty tea is best served with milk and honey or lemon. It also makes an excellent iced tea.  In general, black teas work best with flavorful meals, such as spicy or grain-based dishes.

Irish Breakfast tea usually has a more full-bodied taste and includes Assam tea. Most people serve it with milk and sugar or honey.  Its bold taste allows it to pair with savory morning meals, such as fried eggs and toast.

Scottish Breakfast teas may be stronger or more astringent than either Irish or English. It is traditionally served with milk.  This tea’s sharp, clean flavor makes it suitable for sweet or creamy meals, such as breakfast pastries or yogurt parfaits.

Although Earl Grey does not have the word “breakfast” in it, this tea shares many of the same characteristics and can be considered a breakfast tea as well.  Earl Grey tea is a rich black tea traditionally taken with milk and sugar. It typically includes a blend of Ceylon and Assam black tea with some subtle orange or bergamot flavors; lending it a brisk taste.

These teas provide an nice zip in the morning and are a welcome change from coffee.  Experiment with brands and brewing techniques to find one that suits your tastes.  The right tea can truly make it a good morning.



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