Canneti, Kenwood and Palooza, highlight Sonoma roadtrip

Silicon Valley is creeping north. The gentrification of San Francisco’s Market Street

Francesco Torre orchestrates the evening
Francesco Torre orchestrates the evening
from a river Urban Grit to a boulevard of Urban Chic proves that. The city is on fire. Young, hip, coders, techies and foodies are apparent everywhere. With the insurgence of Tech Companies stratospherically driving the rent rolls and remodeling costs skyward, many of the massive floors lofting above the city’s major avenues are filling up, prompting companies to still look further north.
And people are noticing.
A fresh egg enthusiast stopped by the Field of Greens to purchase a dozen rainbow jumbos on Wednesday, and asked why Foodie Tout had an office in Sonoma, on an egg ranch, when all the “other” tech companies were down south in San Francisco.
The reasons are endless.
My morning began at Garcia’s Bakery in Sonoma. Croissants and Mexican sweet breads, out of the oven moments before, merely a buck-a-piece. After an hour or so at the office my daily road trip began.
Bill and Becky Foss’ Kenwood Restaurant and Bar plays host to the most symphonic frogs in the valley. A few nights ago, after a vertical, windless rain, the chorus on the Kenwood’s new expansive architectural outdoor- land pleased those adventuring into the Valley’s new summer dining digs. Looking east from the table pond side, Kunde’s vines shine in the setting sun, turning bright before donning orange and red. Eventually, you’ll need reservations for that two top.
Palooza is the Gastro Pub and Wine Bar that opened six weeks ago in the Kenwood shopping district. Jeff and Suzette Tyler who are known for their catering and hot dog trucks in Santa Rosa, transformed the space into a modern interpretation of a neighborhood tavern offering equal importance to aged and brewed. The menu is perfectly proportioned, nice value, reasonable cost. Friendly service with Jeff rubbing elbows and sharing stories with local wine makers and vineyard owners along with visitors from Wyoming, here for the weekend. Try the Calamari and the Veal Meatloaf. Burgers are great.
Francesco Torre is one of the most talented chefs to stake out a canvas in Sonoma County. If you have yet to try Canneti Roadhouse in Forestville – yes, Forestville – get there before the canoes paddle the Russian.
Francesco Torre shines almost as much as his sauté pans
Francesco Torre shines almost as much as his sauté pans
I first met Torre on a Sunday night last Autumn after a Griff-run beachside in Guerneville. The Roadhouse had recently opened and the counter, overlooking Torre, proved the perfect perch to watch the Maestro orchestrate his team, as they prepared some of the most beautiful food in Sonoma.
To suggest one dish over the other would be cuisine hypocricy. Try them all. The Trio of Pasta is always a sure winner.
In January Torre exhibited his skills and humorous culinary outlook at Homeward Bound Marin where he performed one of the most entertaining cooking demonstrations I have ever seen. His quick wit mixed with a slightly sarcastic, occasional zing is like a fig sweetened Balsamic.

Goji Berries. They are the newest “berry with benefits” to tantalize the palates of America since blueberries were anointed, Kambucha was marketed and BaoBab got some legs in Africa.
GojiFarms, USA is preparing a market launch in Q-2. And, if they meet their goals, Americans will be living a little healthier according to all of their endorsements, with every sip of this new beverage.
Hard to beat that day. Winemakers, Internet icons, talented chefs that shine as much as their saute pans, and ranchers thinking about Goji.
That’s why we based out Internet company on the Field of Greens Campus. It’s the pure definition of farm to table. A food company couldn’t set down better roots.
It has to do with what comes first with a new Internet start up, the chicken or the egg?
Speaking of which, Kathleen Hill wrote a wonderful piece for Edibles Marin and Wine Country highlighting chickens and eggs. Another reason to headquarter in Sonoma.
Enjoy the weekend.

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