Absinthe Group Executive Pastry Chef Bill Corbett to present at re-thinkfood, November 7-9

The Barbotine Pottery Studio

Bryant Terry serves up Culture, Food, and Social Justice

Il Mercato Central, The Central Market of Livorno

The Barbotine Pottery Studio

Philippe Beltrando, proprietor Beltrando Pottery Studio When talking about cuisine in France, one must associate food with its presentation, and as such, think about what kind of vessel, it should…

The Daily Tout

Il Mercato Central, The Central Market of Livorno


Livorno, Italy. Oct. 16, 2014. Livorno is the third largest city of Tuscany, after Florence and Prato. It has a population of 156000 people. It has a very busy commercial port that handles a huge amount of container volume as well as welcoming many of the international cruise ships. It is also known as town, which is host to the largest indoor market in Europe. Il Mercato Central (The Central Market of Livorno) opened in 1894 and is located along the canal near the Piazza Buontalenti. The main hall has a huge central hall and two smaller halls connected by two…

Bryant Terry serves up Culture, Food, and Social Justice

Greens Lunch

Bryant Terry is a man on a mission. Chef, author, food justice activist, daddy, and practicing Buddhist, Bryant recently entranced a rapt audience with his vision, his richly delicious recipes, and his sheer renaissance passion for food, culture, community, and tasty vegan cuisine. It all happened at the iconic Greens Restaurant in San Francisco. The host was Book Passage and their Cooks with Books program known for its intuitive blending of venue and chef. Owned by the San Francisco Zen Center since 1979, Greens has become a Bay Area mecca for vegetarians and omnivores alike. It was the perfect place…

Drake's Bay Oyster to open Tomales Bay restaurant

After months of court cases and finger pointing, Drakes Bay Oyster Farm to open Tomales Bay eatery.

San Francisco—Drakes Bay Oyster Company, a historic family-owned oyster farm in West Marin County, today announced it has settled its long-running lawsuit against the federal government. The legal agreement with the National Park Service, filed today, will allow the company to keep harvesting oysters until the end of 2014. “We fought long and hard all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.  Along the way we stood up for family farms, for sustainable food, and for scientific integrity in government,” said Drakes Bay Oyster Company co-owners Joe, Kevin and Bob Lunny. “At the end of the day, although we lost…

Tasteful News

Wilma Beasley Bonerasky

Who made this Burger?

Whose signature burger is this?

If you know who made this burger its signature meal, the top of the menu entree, email us at FoodieDaily, the name of the restaurant and we will send a certificate for a complimentary burger to the first 10 responses. Good luck. Have fun. Enjoy the burger.

The power of a Choco Pie

Choco Pies are more than a flavorful treat

Choco Pie is an iconic Korean snack akin to the American Twinkie. These individually wrapped patties are more than just a chocolate-covered marshmallow and cookie treat; they represent the political tensions between the North and the South. Most people take Choco Pies for granted—they can be bought by the case…

Ktown Night Market’s Food Truck Alley 4/18-4/19

“There has been an explosion of food trucks in this area,” Stella Cho, KCM publicist, remarks.  The prevalence of food trucks in Ktown, Koreatown, Los Angeles, helps explain why the inaugural Ktown Night Market features Food Truck Alley, a gathering of local, mobile eats. The Ktown Night Market’s Food Truck…

Kombucha Dog

Kombucha Dog is one man’s venture satisfy his craving for the kombucha, fermented tea, while also helping dogs find homes.  Michael Faye, a dog photographer and health conscious Californian, began brewing in 2010. After experimenting with over 200 teas and fermenting 60, Faye perfected his kombucha recipe.  Kombucha Dog currently…

Your most interesting meal . . . ever.

photo 3

  Bubbles, cubes and paste are on a plate your server is bringing to you. No, it’s not a science project, dinner has arrived. Molecular Gastronomy has taken the world by storm. New restaurants are opening up, and former restaurants are updating their menu, to transform everyday dishes into futuristic…

Move over Bacon, Phoney Baloney has arrived

Meeting the makers behind the creation of the food products we consume is one of the highlights of any food show. It always a pleasure to meet the person behind the product and hear the story of their brand. A wildly fun couple, Kyle Domer and Andrea Dermos introduced me…

Omnibar introduces beef based protein bar at Expo-West

Many would be upset waiting with the 30,000 plus attendees that eagerly lined the Anaheim Convention entrances Friday to view the latest and greatest all natural food offerings from across the USA and the Globe at this year’s Natural Products Expo West. I was ecstatic. The crowd solidified the fact…